Knowledge Is Unity Of Society Ignorance Is Diversity Of Man


Dr. Anant L. Zandekar, M.A., Ph.D, Associate Professor and Chairman
Dept. of P.G. Studies and Research in History and Archaeology Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevara University, Ballari.


“Ignorance lies at the bottom of all human knowledge, and the deeper we penetrate the nearer we arrive unto it.” As man passed through several stages, so the definition of knowledge changed. In fact, the genesis of knowledge lies in man who has been ever restless to discover and invent things. Man and knowledge, therefore, are supreme, complementary to each other. Knowledge is the result of endless endeavour of man to conquer nature with a view to making his existence on this earth comfortable. Francis Bacon (1564-1626), an English philosopher and author, believed that “human knowledge and human power meet in one point”, therefore, knowledge is power. He was devoted to scientific promotion and scientific research. He earnestly endeavoured to protect scientists against possible Church condemnation in those days.