IoT Based Smart Museum


Sunita Kheman, Asst. Professor, dept E&CE
Poojya Doddappa Appa College of Engineering, Kalburgi, Karnataka, India.


In today’s world where all the domains and fields are pretty bullish on getting their aspects in more digitized way, there are plenty of fields which are still left far behind from automation. One of the fields or areas which are left behind are the museums. Even now there are hardly a very few museums which maintain a nice atmosphere with a digital touch. Almost all the museums are still been watched and there are guides and self-readable contents at the sculptures and monuments in the museum where people who visit the museum read the content by themselves and understand the antique value of the monument. The same practice is there since ages and there is no much improvements seen in the recent times as well, hence we have innovated the technology and tailored the creativity level to make the museums more entertaining, youth friendly and attractive to the tech era. At the very beginning from the entrance to the markings of the monuments and the information of the monuments and the exit gate, we have been modernized it completely and also we have ensured that the mobile phones that the customer carries along with him can be used to help the visitors to get the information about the monuments.