Iot Based Plant Emotion Sensing: Wstering System Using Iot Server


Sunita Kheman, Asst. Professor, dept E&CE
Poojya Doddappa Appa College of Engineering, Kalburgi, Karnataka, India.


A sufficient amount of water quantity is important for a plant to grow. we are unable to provide the water to plants due to work pressure or vacations or regularly fail to remember the water to the plants. which results to damaging the plants. Now a day’s labour is also demanding premium wages to generous the water to plants. In todays world, everything is becoming smarter through the development of advanced skills, to match this smartness, our atmosphere needs to become smarter through a technology that is we called Internet of Belongings (IOT). Automatic plant emotion sensing system provides enough Watering & photosynthesis to plant time to time without requirement of human effort, only with help of technology such as Arduino, Esp8266, Water pump, Moisture Sensor, Display, Adafruit io sever